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Yllix – Review

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Yllix is one of the most popular advertising networks which is open to join for publishers as well as advertisers. Although this company was founded in 2012 since then it has been one of the fastest-growing ad networks in the world. The revenue models of this network are CPM(Cost Per Mile), CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPA(Cost Per Action) for payment to publishers. They earn a good amount of revenue from it. The signup process is pretty simple. Firstly, you have to create an account using your email address. After verification, you will receive an ad code which you have to put on your website. Then, it will review your website and approve it. There is not any minimum traffic requirement. So, this network is open for all. There are various ad formats supported which are:

Ad Formats
  • Banner Ads.
  • Safe HTTPS Banner Ads.
  • Slider Ads.

  • Mobile Redirects.
  • Layer Ads.
  • Popup Ads.

The minimum threshold which is required is just $1. It’s pretty low and payments are done on a daily basis. This is a major advantage of this network.

Other than the above features, there is also a Referral Program for the users. If someone joins with your referral, you will $100 per member. Also, you will get a 2{8e95a99b21b65c7d995bace1ccb588a5328153002ed1bf722aa0df2790e6b5d1} share of the new member’s lifetime earning. The main transfer method of this network is PayPal. But if you want to use another transfer method then you need to have a higher amount then $1. It depends on the transfer method. Like, if you request your payment through Payza or ZCash then you need to have $10 in the account. Similarly through Payoneer is $50 and International Bank is $100.

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