Top 10 Best Video Editing Software – [2023 Edition]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today, we are going to talk about video editing software. But first, we will discuss about what does Video Editing itself means. Video Editing is a process to edit a video in order to make it worthy to show to common people. In the old days, Video editing was never been so popular and easy as it is nowadays. Priorly, video editing was done using a linear method. In this method, scissors were used to cut the tape and then attach them to make a full video. But nowadays, there is a lot of video editing software which has made the work a bit easy.

You must watch films, youtube videos and much more like Netflix too. Do you think that these films or videos are shot in one take? Then, you must be wrong. There are a lot of shots taken for video. After that, these shots are joined by using various kinds of software. The new software has just made this work easy but it is still a pretty hectic work.

Video Editing is post-production work. You might have heard news about a film getting delayed because the post-production work wasn’t over yet. Sometimes it takes more than the expected time to complete it. If you ask a director of a film about it then he/she will probably say that they only get about 5 to 10 mins shot from a 1 hour of shooting. You can estimate how hectic it is. They have to see 1 hrs shooting then edit it. I think it’s pretty enough. Now, we will tell you about the software which is used by the filmmakers, videos editors, and YouTubers. Let’s Start.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Logo
4 months ago

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Download & Software Review

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the best and most popular video editing software in the world right now. It is developed by Adobe. This tool is used by almost all the directors, filmmaker and video editors for their videos & films. Only because of the number of features which are available in it. Premiere Pro is an all-round tool. It has support to almost all formats ranging from 8K to Virtual reality. The general function like editing video, merging shots and putting background sound in a video is available. With this, you can do color grading and alter the audio. It will allow you to cut the background noise which you don’t. It has different sections for each and every work you want to do. Like editing, color grading, audio correction and much more.

It also offers a feature with which you can customize the section the way you want. You have adobe cloud storage where you can save all your stuff. Other than that, you can also make infographics with motion graphics template and it has the support of end-to-end VR 180.

Final Cut Pro X Logo
Final Cut Pro X is a delightful and one of the best video editors available in the world. It is developed by Apple and is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. This tool will surely deliver you topmost editing, audio, motion, and graphics to you in your videos. Now, it also provides you with advanced color grading, HDR support, and ProRes RAW. With advanced color grading, you can get more crisp and rich colors in your videos. It also comes with support to 360° video editing and VR headset playback. Apple is going to launch a new feature as “Metal Engine” which will accelerate the performance of the software. It will be launched later this year. So, this tool doesn’t only have tools you need for editing but more than that.
HitFilm Express Thumbnail
HitFilm Express is a video editing & VFX tool which can make your videos pretty cool. It is developed by FXhome with advanced compositing tools. These tools will help you to upgrade the composition of your video to a higher level with 2d and 3d compositing. It has a training mode in it with VFX tutorials and editing classes. This mode will help beginners to learn editing and all its minute details. So, if you are a beginner then this tool will be best for you. This tool is available for Windows and Mac OS. It comes with unlimited tracks and transitions. With this, you will also have 410+ effects and presets to embed in your video. This tool also supports the Chroma key and you can do mask editing in it too.
Davinci Resolve Logo
Davinci Resolve is an on the go video editor which will surely make your films more lively. This tool is available for Windows & Mac OS. Developed by BlackMagic Design, it is the most comprehensive video editing tool in the market. This tool is a professional-level program where you can do 8k video editing, color grading, audio correction, and visual effects. So, it covers all the post-production work. The design is much for team collaboration. As it allows multiple people to work on the same project live. It has some great features like dual timeline, source tape, dedicated trim interface and intelligent edit modes with a fast review. All of these features will allow you to quickly make cuts to video and see edited video at the same time. You can upload to some online services like Youtube and Vimeo from the software itself
Vegas Pro Logo
Vegas Pro is a flexible and fast video editor developed by Magix. It available for Windows only and has a pretty good online community. This will help you understand the software better. Vegas Pro can make video editing pretty speedy because it offers a flexible timeline to edit it with keyboard shortcut mapping. This tool offers you a unified color grading tool. In this, you can also import color grading settings of an old video to a new video. You will also get some awesome tools like mesh wrap and creative composing modes. All of these will help you in creating some awesome special effects in your video. With this, you will also have some other good features like audio synchronization with audio effects. It also comes with HLG HDR support.
Filmora 9 Logo

Filmora 9 is a video editing tool by Wondershare where you can edit videos without any limits. This tool will let you achieve awesome videos with endless effects. So, you can add these effects to your video to make it look more attractive. In this tool, you can add 100 media layers at once in a single video. This will enable you to alter your videos in the most efficient ways. It uses green effects for videos with which you can change the background of a video. Other than editing, there are great audio tools in it too. You can use keyframing and background noise removal to make the audio pleasant. Your video will be pretty crisp as it comes with 4k support. Filmora 9 comes with many creative filters and professional 3D LUTs. You can also upload your video to any platform from within the tool.

OpenShot Logo

OpenShot is a very simple yet pretty powerful video editor which you will ever get to use nowadays. This software is developed by OpenShot Studios. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This free tool can help you trim the videos and then combine them. This will give you a proper video which you can release it online. With this, you can add effects to the video and remove the background too. It provides a feature which can invert the colors, adjust brightness and other color settings to make your video clearer. There are a lot of free plugins available for the tool. There are other great features like 3D animation, Slow Motion and Time effects which will let you give a soul to your videos. It is available in over 70+ languages.

Avid Media Composer Logo

Avid Media Composer is a video editor with a great reputation because of its functionality. Developed by Avid Technology, it available for Windows as well as Mac OS. This is a very comprehensive and highly advanced tool in terms of video editing. As it will offer you tools such as editing, high-resolution video, and Multicam editing. You can do a lot of in it from color grading and visual effects to creating cool soundtracks for background audio. It can edit video of any format from 16k to IMAX. The color correction comes with new IMF packaging tools to deliver high-level content to your viewers. The efficiency with which this tool does editing can’t be matched with anyone else. It does complex work like Multicam editing very easily for you.

Video Studio Ultimate Logo

Video Studio Ultimate is video & movie editing software developed by Corel Corporation. This tool enables you to edit HD as well as 360° video in it easily and with a multitrack timeline. It will allow you to add custom video masks in it. You can perform your work in a split-screen which you can customize as you want. It has quick edit tools and elegant titling tools. These tools will help you in editing the video quickly in an elegant way. There are over 2000+ customizable filters and premiere effects available in it. These can give soul to your video. The other great feature is that you can record your device screen’s and from webcam too at a single time. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. So, this can be a much reliable and efficient tool for you.

Kdenlive Logo

Kdenlive is an open-source video editor which was started back in 2003. It is built on KDE and QT frameworks libraries. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The processing of video which is done in this tool mostly depends on other open-source projects. This tool can cover all type of video editing ranging from basic editing to professional editing. It provides you a feature through which you can arrange multiple media layers in a single video. These media layers can be a video or audio. You can mute or lock any of the added layers as you wish. The main feature is that you can use any audio/video format in it directly. That means you don’t have to convert them to any other type. It also allows you to save your custom interface layouts with many effects and transitions.

WeVideo Logo

WeVideo is an online video editing tool developed by WeVideo, Inc. As it is clear, there is no software available for this. you just have to go to the website then sign up to edit videos. It is a cloud-based tool which means that you can store all your videos to the cloud. Then, you can access from any device at any time and from anywhere you want. This tool covers all of the basic editing tools. It has very cool features which you can use to edit videos. This tool is not as professional as others. You can surely edit your personal videos with your family or closed ones. Keeping in mind that it is an online tool, you can easily collaborate with other people who are using this service.


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