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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LanguageTool is a web-based tool that can check grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and provide you with some writing style suggestions. It was first released in the year 2005. Since then, it has evolved into a much better tool that is efficient. Moreover, it is free as well as an open-source tool. If you want then you can read or download its whole source code.

The web-based tool which is offered works in a way that you can go on the website. And, copy-paste the text which you can want to check. After that, it will provide you with the errors and the suggestion. Through those suggestions, you got to know more about the error. So, itis easy for you to rectify it. On the other hand, it provides support to 20 different languages. It means that you can enter the text in those various languages and it will check the text.

Furthermore, LanguageTool provides you extensions and add-ons for various browsers as well as software. It includes:

  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Google Docs.
  • Libre Office.
  • Microsoft Word.

So, you can integrate the tool with this software. And, it will help you to make your text error-free. In this way, you will be able to increase your writing productivity. There is another great feature like “Personal Dictionary”. In this, you can add some of your own words or customize it in your own way.


Best LanguageTool Alternatives.


ProWritingAid is a digital writing tool that provides style editor, grammar checker, and much more services to the users. It is an all-in-one package because of the number of features provided by it. Also, this tool will wipe away any type of deficiencies in your project. So, it becomes mistake-free. In this way, your writing skills will increase automatically. Moreover, it provides you with a desktop application which is available for Mac OS and Windows operating system. So, you can download it if you want. though, it is a premium service. Still, it offers you with a 2-weeks free trial. With that, you can easily access all the features and try them before you should buy them. But, you will get to know that it is worth it to buy the software. The grammar checker tool will check and correct any of your grammar mistakes in the text.

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  • Cross-Platform Software with Browser Extension Available.
  • Offers Report on Grammatical Errors and Built-In Readability Analysis.
  • Few Essential And Important Features are available in Premium Plans only.

Grammarly provides a writing tool to the user through which they can quickly improve their writing skills. It performs analysis in terms of writing as well as grammar. Also, it is considered one of the most popular and prominent writing tools available across the globe. Moreover, it is the user's favorite. This is only because of its functions and features which are provided to you. The main feature is that it can check the grammar of the text. This tool was first released in the year 2009. There are a lot of aspects in which it assists and corrects you as well. These aspects include:

  • Spell Check.
  • Writing Style.
  • Plagiarism.

It will help you with all of these aspects under one software. With that, it will check the spelling of each and every word to make sure that there are no mistakes. Also, it recommends you some writing style. But, it's upon you if you want to take it or not.

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  • Provides Cross-Platform Extension with Built-in Plagiarism Checker.
  • Allows Spell and Grammar Check Through Special Algorithms and Machine Learning.
  • Limited Free Version.

Copywritely Review

Copywritely is a platform that is specially designed to improve the quality of content as well as make it in terms of search engines. It provides several numbers of tools. These tools include:

  • Grammar Checker.
  • Plagiarism Detector.
  • Readability Analyzer.

All of the above tools will help you to correct any type of grammatical mistakes in your content. Also, it will provide you suggestions about how to correct it. Plus, it will also check if there is any type of spelling mistakes. So, you don't have to get embarrassed at any moment. Most importantly, the readability analyzer will analyze your whole text and show you the readability score. Also, it will tell you to improve the readability score of the content. Other than that, it has special tools through which you can easily create SEO-optimized content. Theses tools are like:

  • Keyword Density Checker.
  • Article Rewriter.
  • Keyword SERP Checker.
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  • Provides a Good Number of Content and SEO Tools.
  • Suppor to 3 Different Languages with 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Lack of Documentation.

1Checker is a software which is used for proofreading of texts. And, it can remove any type of grammatical, spelling as well as style mistakes in the text. Also, this tool was first launched in the year 2009. The main feature is that it can read any text and check for any type of mistakes in it. It will tell you about any type of grammatical errors in the text. So that your content can be as professional it can be. Moreover, it provides you a cross-platform software that is available for Windows as well as Mac OS Devices. Also, it is available for free to install and use. On the other hand, it also supports the integration with applications like MS-Word and Outlook. So, you can write your text and check it side by side. It uses Natural Languages Processing technology to check for any type of mistakes in the text.

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  • Offers Software Available for Mac OS and Windows Devices.
  • Comes with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Technologies.
  • Doesn't Provide any Browser Extension.

OnlineCorrection is a web-based tool that helps you in checking the text if there are any mistakes. Then tells you about the mistake and also the rectification which you have to do. Moreover, it is a totally free tool for users. But, as I mentioned, it can only be accessed through the web. It is a great advantage then you will be able to access it anywhere and anytime. The main feature of the tool is that it allows you to find any type of grammatical errors in the text. With it, you will easily be able to make a grammatically correct content. Other than that, spelling errors are pretty common when we writing about anything. It can happen accidentally too. But, there is no need to worry because this tool will check all the words for any type of spelling errors. It will highlight that word with red color.

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  • Support for Various English Dialects.
  • Grammatical and Spelling Checker with Suggestions for Sentence Construction.
  • Doesn't Offer any Desktop, Mobile Application or Browser Extension.

Slick Write is an online tool that provides you with a text editor that can make your text free from grammatical, spelling or other errors. In it, you can copy-paste the text in which you want to check or type the text in itself. Moreover, it is a completely free tool that you can use to check the text. The main function is that when you paste or type the text in the editor. Then, it will show you any type of Grammarly mistakes by highlighting it with a specific color. Moreover, when you hover over a word then it will show you information about the word. Also, it will provide you with a number of similar words in it which you can use to replace that word. Other than that, it has support for multiple integrated options. It also includes Wikipedia and Google options for more information.

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  • Provides you with Detailed Statistics and Readability Analysis.
  • Built-In Tool to check Sentence or Word Length & Structure of Content.
  • Text Font is of Pretty Small Size.

WhiteSmoke is a software that provides several English writing tools to users. So, you can easily write and compose content in the English language without any worries. Because this software will assist you in making zero mistakes. It has a feature of grammar checker in ti. Through it, it will tell you about any grammatical error in the text. No one can write 100% correct English. But this software will surely help you in attaining mistake-free content. Moreover, it has a plagiarism checker which is rare as well as an important tool. As it helps you to check if your content is copied anywhere from all over the web. It is a very efficient software. But, there is a reason behind it, which is that it uses the latest technology called "Natural Language Processing". With that, it uses AI and various algorithms that assure you with high-quality content.

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  • Application Available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS Devices.
  • Uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Technology.
  • Doesn't Support To Upload Documents.

Ginger is a software that provides a language enhancement tool assisting you in improving your writing communications. And, it can also increase your productivity in writing content as well as the quality of content. This tool is pretty popular amongst teachers, students, and bloggers, etc. Also, it was firstly founded in the year 2007. The main feature is that it does grammar checking of the text. So, it can be purely mistaken-free. Moreover, it also keeps helps you in doing the correct vocabulary. Other than that, it also alerts you with spelling mistakes. So, you can easily correct them. The important thing is that these features are available for free. But, there are premium plans offered that have different properties. There is no need to download any software to use this service. Though, it offers software for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. So, you can download it.

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  • Cross-Platform Tool with Intuitive Interface.
  • Support to Different 40 Languages with Built-In Personal Dictionary.
  • Expensive Premium Plans.

PaperRater Review

PaperRater is an online tool that provides language enhancement services which can improve your writing skills and productivity. It mainly offers you three types of services:

  • Grammar Checker.
  • Spell Checker.
  • Plagiarism Detection or Checker.

Also, it is a web-based tool. Till now, it hasn't provided any desktop software or extension to the users. But, you can access these services online through the internet. Moreover, it allows you to submit almost 5 pages for checking. After the checking, it will then tell you about any type of grammar mistakes in the text. The spell checker feature then checks if there is any type of spelling mistakes in the text. And, it will also provide with the correct spelling as well as new suggestions. The main feature is that it is powered with artificial intelligence. Because of which, it always provides you with efficient performance.

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  • Allows you to Use Without Signing Up with An Account.
  • Provides Feed Back Over Vocabulary with Plagiarism Checker.
  • Doesn't Provide Desktop Software or Browser Extension.

Hemingway Editor is a desktop as well as a web-based application that will assist you in writing any type of text, emails or any other content. The main feature of this application is that it will work as a writing analyzer. Because it will analyze each and every aspect of your text. Not only analyze but after analyzing, it will provide you with numerous suggestions which you can consider. These suggestions will only improve the quality of your content. Also, this tool is developed and distributed by Long & Long LLC. Moreover, it will emphasize the readability of your content. It will not take care of grammar or punctuation mistakes much. Rather than that, it will tell you about lengthy sentences. So, you can easily shorten them a bit. It will color thems as yellow or red depending upon how wordy those sentences are.

More details +
  • Web-based, Windows and Mac OS Application Available.
  • Allows to Import Directly to the Editor and Surely Assists in Improving Content.
  • Doesn't Support a String Grammar Checking Tool.

We hope you all like these LanguageTool alternatives. If you believe we missed any important software then don’t forget to share it with us. We will definitely review it and add that LanguageTool alternatives software into the list.


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