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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Telzio is a platform that provides services to the business phone system. So, you can have a dedicated phone number for your clients and don’t miss any calls or messages from them. Most importantly, it is a cloud-based service. The main feature is that it offers toll-free and local numbers in more than 60 countries.

Moreover, the pricing is also pretty flexible. Because the user will pay based on their usage. It won’t take much time while getting started on it. There will be one centralized phone system that includes unlimited call flows, extensions, and a SIP account. In this way, every member of your team can have his/her own extension. With all these features, your team will easily be able to work remotely as well as in-office. Other than that, it allows you to make call queues. So, you can easily handle inbound calls as well.

Along with the above features, Telzio is a web-based service that can be accessed through a web browser. There is a cross-platform application also offered which is available for multiple platforms like:

  • Android.
  • iOS.

It will help you to keep connected with your clients. There is a feature to perform troubleshoot remotely if there’s any problem. Also, it has a call-recording feature that allows you to forward any call easily. Even, you can customize any toll-free number of your choice available on the dashboard.


List Of Best Telzio Alternative Software.


Google Voice is a platform that offers telephone services to users. It allows you to voice calls and sends text messages to someone. Most importantly, it is free of cost service but it is available in limited countries. It was first released in the year 2009. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by Google. The main feature is that it will provide you a U.S telephone number from a list of available numbers. One can even select an area code of which they want the number. Not only you can do an outgoing call on it, you can even receive incoming calls as well. For that, the user needs to specify a valid telephone number on the web portal. Then, all of the calls will be directly forwarded to the specified number. Other than that, you can even provide multiple numbers. In this way, all the numbers will ring.
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  • Cross-Platform Compatibility with Intuitive and Simple User Interface.
  • Support for Internation and Domestic Calls with Text Messaging.
  • Available in Limited Countries.
Grasshopper is a platform that provides a virtual phone system to the users. It is a feature-rich application that offers communication solutions to users. It was first released in the year 2003. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by Grasshopper Inc. The main feature is that it will provide a professional phone number which is used for outgoing and incoming calls. It can be easily used on any of your existing landline or cell phone. Moreover, there is support for voicemails as well. But, there is a unique feature that it can convert all the voicemail into texts. So, you are able to read them without the audio. Plus, there can be redirections as well. In this way, you will easily be able to redirect the call to the home office, remote employee & more. In this way, it becomes helpful for businesses and helps in making them flexible.
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  • Feature-Rich with Cross-Platform Compatibility.
  • Support for Text Messaging and Voicemails.
  • Existing Phone Required.

Nextiva Review

Nextiva is a platform that provides services of business phone software to the users. It will use VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) to make a voice call all over the world. It was first released in the year 2008. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by Nextiva Inc whose headquarters are situated in Scottsdale, United States. The main feature is that it is pretty efficient and effective for all sizes of businesses and industries. Through this, you will be able to set up a customer contact center within the cloud. In this way, it can be used for outbound as well as inbound calls. Moreover, it allows you to choose a number from a long list. It can be accessed through multiple devices. The customer's information will be displayed on the screen whenever you receive a call from them. Also, it has a centrally managed dashboard.
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  • Offers VoIP, Text Messages, Fax, and Voicemail services.
  • Support for Central Dashboard and Interaction Tracking.
  • Lengthy Setup.
8.5/10 Review is a platform which provides business communications solutions to the users. It is a modern solution that is feature-rich and pretty efficient for users. It was first launched in the year 2007. Also, this platform has its headquarters situated in, New Jersey, United States. The main feature is that it allows your business to follow work from anywhere approach. In this modern-day, it is pretty important because customers or clients don't want any delay. Moreover, all the basic functions like incoming and outgoing calls are available in it. Most importantly, it allows you to block a specific number if you want to. For that, you just have to add that number in your account then block it. Plus, it enables you to route the call according to the day or time the call is being received. On holidays, you will be able to directly answer the calls.
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  • Offers Call Routing and Address Book Synchronization.
  • Support to Create Groups and International Numbers.
  • Lack of Chrome Extension.
MightyCall is a virtual phone system which is pretty effective and efficient for businesses. It is feature-rich and offers a whole communication solution. The main emphasis is given to small businesses. In this way, they will be able to work from anywhere. Moreover, there are several plans available with different pricing. The most basic plan is offered at $19.99. As you will upgrade, it will provide you with some additional features. Most importantly, there are limits on minutes and phone number. But, you can add as much user and extensions as you want. This feature is liked by a lot of people because it sets apart the service from others. All of the communications solutions like phone, email and social media are included. Also, it is pretty easy to use and won't take much time in setting it up. Small and Large teams can use it in a productive way.
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  • Complete Communication Solution with Cross-Platform Application.
  • Offers Multiple Plans and Hight Security.
  • Not Good Customer Service.
OpenPhone is a platform which provides communication solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs. It will act as a second phone number where you can receive and make calls. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by OpenPhone Technologies, Inc. The main feature is that it will allow you to use your personal phone as your business phone. Whenever you receive a call, you will get to know if it is personal or business call. Moreover, one can easily manage access to their personal phone. Plus, it allows you to record professional voicemails. So, you can send those. But, if you don't want that then you can send text messages as well from your business phone. There are Canadian, US and toll-free numbers offered to the users. All things including, call, history, text message, and voicemail can be accessed at one place. Due to this, it becomes pretty hassle-free.
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  • Easy to Use and Set up with Cross-Platform Compatibility.
  • Support to Set Business Hours and Record Voicemails.
  • Toll-Free Number is Free For Specific Areas only.
iPlum is a platform which provides phone line solutions to the users. It allows you to separate your business and personal calls pretty easily. You will be provided with a real phone number which can be used as a business phone number. The main feature is that it offers you to add a virtual receptionist. So, your clients can be answered as quickly as possible. Moreover, there are a lot of extensions available in it. In this way, it enables you to add additional functionalities and features. Plus, it doesn't offer only one service. There are various services offered in it like:
  • Messaging.
  • HD Calling.
  • Voicemail.
  • Recording.
  • HIPAA Compliance.
  • Auto Attendant.
  • IVR, Extensions.
  • Fax.
It proves that the service is pretty flexible and versatile. Other than that, there is a feature that allows you to port an existing landline or mobile number into this software and don't change it.
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  • Offers Cross-Platform Application with Multiple Features.
  • Support for Virtual Receptionist and Call Recording.
  • Not Good Customer Support.
Tossable Digits is a platform which provides virtual phone numbers to the users. You can have a number whenever you want to. In this way, you will always be connected with your clients. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by Telusion, Inc. The main feature is that it offers unlimited virtual numbers to the users. So, they can have as many as they want to. Moreover, one can get a new number or any existing number can also be ported easily to a virtual number. So, you can access it from anywhere. Whenever you receive a phone call then it will ring on the phone which you have connected. Plus, there is not a definite time period to use the number. It can be used for just 2 minutes or even 5 years. That's totally upon you. It has a cancel anytime feature. So, you don't pay anything extra.
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  • Offers Unlimited Virtual Numbers with Call Recording and Voicemail.
  • Allows to Port Existing Number and Provides Customer Support.
  • Lack of Smartphone Application.
Vumber is a platform that offers business line through which you can make and receive all your business calls. It offers a local number or other toll-free numbers. You can use any of these as per your requirements. Also, this platform is developed and distributed by AVM Software, Inc. The main feature is that it allows you to add a new business phone number to your existing cell phone. In this way, you will be able to stay connected with your clients at any time from anywhere. Making and Receiving Calls are basic functions available but there are some other functions as well like:
  • Text Messaging.
  • Call Recording.
  • Fax Receipt.
  • Voicemail.
  • Transcription.
There are several plans available at different prices. The most basic plan is available at $9.95. It won't take much time while getting started. Other than that, it allows you to cancel a subscription at any time.
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  • Offers Call Recording, Voicemail and Fax Services.
  • Support for Dashboard To Track Client's Response.
  • Charges Extra for Virtual Numbers.

We hope you all like these Telzio alternatives. If you believe we missed any important alternative to Telzio software then don’t forget to share it with us. We will definitely review it and add that Telzio alternatives software into the list.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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